Procrastination problem?

Procrastination is one of the most common challenges creative people face. Procrastination is not limited to only one area, it often happens throughout different paths of our life.

But there are several reasons why a person might do such a thing. And different solutions depending on the reason.

Kat Moon has shared a great infographic on the website, as followed:procrastinators

Infographic courtesy of OfficeTime. Photo of sticky notes courtesy of Shutterstock. Read more on

There are a couple known practical everyday tools to solve the procrastination: 

  1. Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Matrixeisenhower-box

  2. The one main task a day table – prioritize just one task to finish 100% 1-task

  1. SCRUM Framework



  • Prioritized task list is created – usually called a product backlog.
  • During planning, the team chooses a few tasks of that task list, it is called a sprint backlog, distributes the task accordingly and decides how to complete them.
  • Each team member has a task deadline — a sprint (usually two to four weeks) — to complete its work, but it meets each day to assess its progress (daily Scrum).
  • The Team leader, in this situation called ScrumMaster has the task to keep everyone goal-oriented and motivated.
  • At the end of the deadline all planned tasks for execution should be finished.
  • At the end group feedback as well as important lessons are noted down.
  • As the next sprint begins, the team chooses another chunk of the product backlog and begins working again         (- See more at: