The Future promises Plastic made of Banana Peels developed by a Turkish teenage girl

Yes, plastic made from Banana peels, but it´s not that what is amazing. It´s that a girl called Elif Bilgin not even attending University yet, living in a country with so much political arguments has had the curiosity, willpower, boldness, knowledge and belief to create the greatest solution of our century.Elif_Bilgin_photo_BT_FINAL

Yet, I have not seen any news, except when she won the Google Science Fair a couple of years ago (that´s where I found out about her incredible personality). To me, this girl represents pure genius, although probably her mum/dad/grandpa/teacher is a chemist, who brought that curiosity and knowledge into her world. I still believe, that we should appreciate her uniqueness and look for people, who change the world for the better.

I hope this girl gets sponsored to change the entire plastic industry, because I am sure there is probably even a better solution, but as long as money plays a role, the big corporations will not let anyone disrupt their market share, until someone like Elon Musk decides that it is time to change.

You can watch the short video of her Project by clicking on the link below:



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